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Reading Fusion是一套涵蓋三個級別的英語閱讀教材,旨在幫助學生提高廣泛的英語學習技能,內容包羅萬象,每一本書的閱讀文章都環繞著有趣的現代主題,包括環境、健康、藝術、生活方式、科技等。
Reading Fusion 1的每個主要閱讀單元大約為500字長,Reading Fusion 2為600字長,Reading Fusion Plus為700字長。每個單元均設有一系列的文章閱讀-學習前練習。接下來,有閱讀文章和詞彙技能訓練。此外,還有單詞部分和語法練習以及一組聽力和閱讀練習測驗,以幫助學生準備諸如TOEIC、TOEFL和GEPT等英語審定考試。


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CEFR程度: B1~B2

Reading Fusion is a three-level series designed to help students improve their English language abilities across a range of skills. Each book contains articles which center on interesting modern topics. A variety of important themes are covered, including the environment, health, arts, lifestyle, technology, and more.
Each unit's main reading passage is 500 words long in Reading Fusion 1, 600 words long in Reading Fusion 2, and 700 words long in Reading Fusion Plus. Units open with a series of pre-reading exercises. Next, there are reading and vocabulary skill building exercises. In addition, there are word part and grammar exercises and a set of listening and reading practice tests to assist students in preparing for standardized tests like TOEIC, TOEFL, and GEPT.
CEFR correlation: B1~B2+

Introduction 04
Scope and Sequence 08
Unit 1 The Arts Multisensory Art 10
Unit 2 Identity Personality and Inner Growth 22
Unit 3 Nature and Humanity The Subterranean World 34
Unit 4 Achievement Elements of Genius 46
Unit 5 Careers Sports Medicine 58
Unit 6 Culture Cultural Awareness 70
Unit 7 Lifestyles Living off the Grid 82
Unit 8 The Performing Arts The Actor's Craft 94
Unit 9 Conservation Eco-Packaging 106
Unit 10 Business Trends Pop-up Shops 118
Unit 11 Growing Up Screen Time 130
Unit 12 Wealth and Giving The World of the Super Rich 142
Unit 13 Animals The Emotions of Animals 154
Unit 14 Space Alien Linguistics 166
Unit 15 The Future The Future of Reality 178
Target Vocabulary List 190


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