Way Ahead: The Art of Reading for English Language Learners



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Way Ahead一書是以文學為基礎的閱讀課程,專門設計來提供給高中生和大學生學習英語。本書的每一章節都有兩篇閱讀文章:第一篇是經典文學的選讀;第二篇則是以文章寫作的形式,針對本章主題來進行新時代的討論。


對於授課老師而言,本書具備多項學習技能,Way Ahead絕對是最佳選擇。閱讀能力雖然是本書的重點,但學生也可以從當中發展出寫作技巧,並進行對話練習。


CEFR程度: B1~B2+

Way Ahead is a literature-based reading course designed for the advanced high school and college/university English language student. Used as a full-year English course textbook, this book will build the students' reading skills through guided readings and exercises. The carefully selected reading topics, along with ample writing, grammar and conversation practice, make this book an excellent choice for the teacher looking for a multi-skills textbook for the reading-focus class. Used by the student for self-study, each chapter in Way Ahead is easy to follow from section to section. The readings, discussions and vocabulary presentations are written in a non-technical and accessible style, while also providing the curious learner a path for further investigation and study.

The first reading in each chapter is followed by a discussion of selected literary devices. The student will learn how to recognize the devices and how an understanding of these devices will aid in reading comprehension. The main vocabulary section occupies the center of each chapter and prepares the student for the second reading. Several grammar points are also presented which relate to both readings.

The approach of Way Ahead is highly integrated. A central theme of the literature selection of each chapter's Reading 1 is further explored in Reading 2. Also, examples of literary devices used in the literature selections are explained and discussed. Further, all the grammar tips are supported by clear examples from the readings.

The approach is also versatile. The teacher, or the self-study student, can opt to focus on certain chapter elements while leaving out others. For example, he or she may teach only one or two grammar tips per chapter. Similarly, some devices might warrant more study time than others, depending on the nature of the course and the needs of the students. In other words, this book is useful for a variety of learning situations and can serve both the English major as well as the general English language student.

This book features:
o Fifteen chapters on a variety of topics grouped into five unit: Travel, Science & Technology, Society, Music & Art, Global Issues
o An abundance of vocabulary presented with exercises for practice, with over 700 words and expressions from the chapter readings
o CEFR levels of the words in the chapters' main vocabulary section (approximate percentages): A1-A2(28%), B1-B2(46%), C1-C2(26%)
o Two Informative and inspiring readings per chapter:
o Reading 1: a presentation and discussion of an excerpt from a literary classic
o Reading 2: an up-to-date discussion of the chapter's topic in essay format
o Fifty exercise questions per chapter divided into seven sections:
o Getting to Know Devices
o Reading 1 Comprehension
o Practice the Vocabulary (conversation practice)
o Reading 2 Comprehension
o Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises
o More Vocabulary Practice
o Grammar Practice
o Recap and Assimilation: Short answer questions, vocabulary sentence practice and two optional essay questions

CEFR correlation: B1~B2+

Scope and Sequence 04
Introduction 06
Chapter 1 Plane Fun 10
Chapter 2 Six Flags 30
Chapter 3 Food Tourism 50
Chapter 4 Sun Seekers 70
Chapter 5 Amazing Robots! 92
Chapter 6 Electrifying Moments 112
Chapter 7 Faking It 132
Chapter 8 Social Media 148
Chapter 9 Big Cities 168
Chapter 10 American Folk Songs 190
Chapter 11 Classical Music 208
Chapter 12 Art Collecting 230
Chapter 13 Climate Change 252
Chapter 14 Plastic Pollution 274
Chapter 15 Renewable Energy 296
Vocabulary Index 316


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